13/4/2019 Gig at Pig and Whistle Hollywood Acoustic Set

My first Gig in Los Angeles was at the Pig and Whistle on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.  

The Pig ‘N Whistle is one of the few remaining staples in Los Angeles that still offers patrons a true taste of “Old Hollywood.” Since opening its doors in 1927 the Pig ‘N Whistle has remained a cultural landmark, sharing its rich history with the world famous Egyptian Theatre next door where stars such as Shirley Temple, Cary Grant, and Jane Wyman come to enjoy meals before their lavish movie premiers.

Gav Pigwhistle Performing Mando
Playing at Pig and Whistle Los Angeles Acoustic Set
Gav Chris Ashley Pig And Whistle
Great to have Chris and Ashley Reeve who performed on a number of tracks off the Sound Circus Album and the soon to be released Road Less Traveled album. Chris and Ashley have been in Filter Band, and Ashley is currently playing with Cher. I so appreciate the contribution of these amazing musicians on the albums.
Pig And Whislte Hollywood
Pig and Whistle Hollywood Los Angeles USA