About Gav Brown

About Gav Brown

With his soulful mix of country-rock, folk and pop, singer/songwriter Gav Brown has performed around Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

A regular on the live music scene in his hometown Perth, Western Australia, Gav is a skilled multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, banjo, piano, harmonica, mandolin, cigar-box guitar and ukulele to craft music capturing the spirit of a traveller.

Gav’s passion for song has deep roots in the music of George Gershwin, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, James Taylor, Carlos Santana and John Mayer and he has been compared to Tom Waits, The Pogues and Dave Alvin.

His debut album Sound Circus was released in November 2018, produced by the talented Charlie Young at Crank Recording. The album features a star-studded lineup of musicians including  Kristian Borring, Lee Buddle, Lucky Oceans, Ian Simpson, Genevieve Wilkins, Chris Reeve, Ric Eastman, Ashley Reeve, Roy Martinez, Kaitlyn Keegan, Sheridan New, Daniel New, and Steve Kelly. 

"I feel blessed to have them playing on the album, they really assisted in bringing the songs to life,” Gav said. “Playing, singing and recording with these incredibly talented musicians was a real highlight in my music journey."

Gav’s second album, Road Less Travelled was released in July 2019. With over 2.4 million views on his videos, he is planning more recordings and performances around the world. Subscribe to Gav’s newsletter to stay up to date with gigs, tours and recordings.

Gav's third album, Shoalhaven was released in September 2020, following the success of the previous two albums. This album is dedicated to Charlie Young who lost his life in a diving accident in 2019. His favorite place was the Shoalhaven Marine Park in Perth Western Australia, where he spent much of his time when he was not in the recording studio which is where the album got its name. 

Key Facts

Nominated for WAM Song of the Year 2024 for "Let it Slide" -Global category.

Nominated for WAM Song of the Year 2023 for "Red Dress" - Global category, "Jingle Jangle" - Country category and "Rule the World" - Global category. 

Nominated for WAM Song of the Year for Jesus Song in world music Category 2021

Shoalhaven Album - Released Sept 2020

  • Reviews
  •  “Excellent Voice and Music” Kurt  G, ECMA Radio Austria
  •  “Gav’s an established performer of repute” Richard D. Zetland FM, UK
  •  “I really enjoyed it” John A. Radio Dandlion, Denmark
  •  “New name to me, and he’s got his own style which is good” Olov L. Radio Avesta, Sweden
  •  "Gav is a fabulous act with high quality material.” David Miller, Overdrive Radio, New Zealand
  • 12 Weeks to date in Plaympe Weekly Top 20 Charts, for downloads and streams to Radio
  • #1's in first week for Adult Contemporary, Rock, Triple A and Australian Playpme Top 20 Weekly Charts.
  • 900,000 video video views on facebook and youtube of Step into the Light, Yellow Submarine, Maestro and Merry-go-round.

“Step Into the Light” was in the Hotdisc UK Top 40 for nine weeks to date reaching #17."! 

  • “Enjoyable original Track” Stuart C, East Coast FM UK
  • “Excellent Song” Peter H. Radio Waves France
  • “Fine Track” Joe B. One Radio Malta
  • “Very Good Song” Ricky L. WCR Radio UK
  • “Gav encourage us to step into the light with this easy listening song, certainly a song to uplift us during the present situation around the world” Tom R. Kingstown Radio, UK
  • “Another goodie from Aussieland” Bjarne H. Syndicated Shows, Denmark

“Merry-go-round”  has been in Hotdisc UK Top 40 for 13 weeks reaching #10."!

  • "Excellent done song, Interesting Voice" Kurt Gabriel ECMA Radio Austria 
  • " Another hit song for Gav, upcoming singer songwriter, making a big impression over here with country music listeners" Tom R. Kingstown Radio UK
  • "Good Rhythm, Nice music and Voice", Etienne Berthels, Radio Terre Franche, Belgium
  • "Great Song" Rory H. Country Barnyard Radio, USA
  • "This is a grower, the tune sticks with you long after you have listened to it, which is a sign of a good song and the guitar break is great." Paul W. Beyond Radio UK
  • "Great Country music" Steve T. Syndicated Radio Shows UK
  • “Love it, Thankyou” Garry H
  • “Special Music. Wonderful.” Assis R.
  • “Beautiful music, Very Good” Admilson D.
  • “Lovely Song” Liam N

“Yellow Submarine”  currently rising after 7 weeks in the  Hotdisc UK Top 40 in the UK reaching #17."!

  • 'Love it" Ray W. Radju Marija, Malta.
  • Brilliant Track" Peter W. Radio Waves France
  • "Fun, I Like Gav's Voice" Olov L. Radio Avesta Sweden
  • "Pleasant as always" Jaques D. Radio Lyon 1 France
  • "Great" Richard A. WCR Radio UK
  • "Excellent Done Song, Excellent Music" Kurt G ECMA Radio Austria
  • "I thought this was very good" John S CCM Radio UK
  • "Great Song" Rory H. Country Barnyard Radio USA.
  • "Delightful modern take on living in a submarine. Definitely an original and certainly going to be popular for another chart hit from him" Tom R Kingston Radio UK
  • "Very Good" Urbain Van G. Radio Beiiard Belgium
  • "Fabulous" Andrew W. Fraser Coast FM Australia
  • "Fun and Catchy" Trudy B Wyn FM Radio Australia
  • "Catchy Song" Alan F Radio Broadgreen UK
  • "Like the Bluegrass edge" Marie Crichton CMR Nashville UK

“Maestro”  13 weeks in the  Hotdisc UK Top 40 in the UK reaching #20."!

  • "Enjoyable track from Gav" Stuart C. East Coast FM
  • "I really liked it" Peter H. Radio Waves France
  • "This worked for me" Joe B. One Radio Malta
  • "Quite Catchy" Stewart F. Celtic Music Radio UK
  • "Very Good" Richard Allen WCR Radio UK
  • "Dire Straits with an Aussie Twist" - Andy Cole Country Music Routes Blog
  • "Great Song" Rory Heath Country Barnyard Radio USA 
  • “Brilliant” William C.
  • “Fantastic” Kathleen M.
  • “Very Good musica” Jose A.
  • “Great Song! Great Performer! “ John M.

Road Less Travelled Album - Released July 2019

  • 11 Weeks in Plaympe Weekly Top 20 Charts, for downloads and streams to Radio
  • #1's in Adult Contemporary, Rock, Triple A and Australian Playpme Top 20 Weekly Charts.
  • RailRoad Track Single 3 weeks #1 in Hotdisc Top 40 UK Charts, #8 Hotdisc UK Top 30 for 2019
  • Road to You Track #4 in Hotdisc Top 40 UK Charts
  • Nashville Track #17 in Tasmanian Country Charts
  • All tracks from Road Less Travelled Album have been played on radio in America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 
  • Video views of videos from Road Less Travelled over 800k with most views coming from Australia, Canada, England and Malaysia.

Sound Sound Circus Album - Released November 2018

  • 12 Weeks in Plaympe Weekly Top 20 Charts, for downloads and streams to Radio
  • #1's in Adult Contemporary, Rock, Triple A and Australian Playpme Top 20 Weekly Charts.
  • Artist Dream Track reaches #14 in Hotdisc Top 40 UK Charts
  • Peter Pan Track reaches #15 in Tasmanian Country Charts
  • Album Re-entered Plaympe charts 8 Sept in Adult Contemporary Streams Weekly top 20 following release of Road Less Travelled Album.
  • All tracks from Sound Circus have been played on radio in America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 

Reviews "Road Less Travelled"

"It’s awesome stuff. I began to play the album on Thursday and will continue to promote.

"There are some amazingly technically perfect songs like “Nashville” and “Railroad Track.” I chose, however, “I’m in the Mood for Love” to lead off with as it has the same underlying audiological draw for me as “Greatest Player.”  Looking back- there is not a song left we don’t play off the first album, but “Player” still rocks the house, and draws the most requests, closely follow by a couple of other cuts.  You sound more relaxed and certain of your incredible talent on this latest work. Having said that- the same characteristic vocals and same smoking hot lead and sax are working their magic here, just as on the first release.  From a strictly radio standpoint- give me 50 albums a month like this and I’ll be quite satisfied, indeed."

-Gerry Sorensen WAAY Radio (Ohio, USA)

"Railroad Track is fine single"

- Graham McCleod, Black Diamond FM

"Railroad Track - Superb"

-Lucian Knapen, Radio Ariane Belgium

"Great Music"

- Peter Hills, Radio Waves France

"Railroad Track - Outstanding"

- Myriam Perdaens, Cool FM Belgium

"Railroad Track - Excellent"

- Erik Topholm, Country Kanalan Germany

"Railroad Track - Really Catchy"

- Stewart Fenwick, Celtic Music Radio UK

" Railroad Track is a worthy number 1"

-Rene Hoffman, Country Music Radio, Switzerland

"Railroad Track is uplifting, foot tapping song and performance from Gav. Certainly wide appealing material and should rocket up the charts".

- Tom Robertson, Kingstown Radio UK

"Railroad Track is Class"

- Joe Bartolo, One Radio Malta

"Gav is a fabulous act with high quality material."

David Miller, Country Overdrive Radio, New Zealand

"Very Great Performance, Excellent Music"

- Etienne Berthels, Terre Franche, Belgium

"Railroad Track - Great Song"

Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio UK

"RailRoad Track - An excellent done train song"

Kurt Gabriel, ECMA Radio Austria

"Railroad Track is great single, video and fine overall production"

Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM UK

Reviews “Sound Circus”

“debut LP Sound Circus showcases its creator’s immense musicality, along with a host of other treats. It’s an album of absorbing warmth and welcome, which seems to radiate most of all from Brown’s cavernous and richly textured voice” 

- Gareth Hipwell Kix Country Network

“The songs featured on Sound Circus are whimsical and tranquil, which makes listening to the album is the ideal opportunity to kick back, relax, and admire a truly talented musician”

-Erika Echternach Alt Media

Gav Brown is absolutely amazing. I think he stole the show tonight with “Greatest Player.”

-Gerry Sorensen WAAY Radio (Ohio, USA)

Gav certainly has his own distinctive style which holds the attention,  "Artist Dream" should prove popular beyond the country music fraternity. Rock fans will certainly pick up on it too. Mainstream listening for me. Certainly a hit debut song

-Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK

Really like the "Artist Dream" track and the video is good

Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM, UK

"Artist Dream" is Great Alternative country track

Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia

"Artist Dream" is 10/10 - Great song

Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio, UK

"Artist Dream" is very good

Ricky Lee, WCR Radio, UK

Peter Pan track from the Sound Circus album spent 7 weeks in the Tasmanian Country Charts entering on 5/1/2019 reaching number 15!

Artist Dream track from the Sound Circus album entered Hotdisc tv Top 40 Charts on 5/5/2019 at number 20 and remained in the charts for 9 weeks reaching number 14 for two weeks. Artist Dream video featured in the  Hotdisc Top 20 TV programme which currently goes out twice a week on Sky TV Channel 376, Freeview & FreeSat in the UK.

The Sound Circus album spent 12 weeks in the Play MPE  Weekly Charts Top 20 for down loads and streams to radio entering on 18/1/2019.

Detailed Background

Gav Brown burst onto the Australian music stage with the release of his debut album in late 2018, whilst building a reputation wowing fans through live gigs in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand and USA. He was born in Perth Western Australia and grew up in Perth and Sydney and is both a composer and artist with a mix of country folk and rock tunes.

Gav started playing music at the age of 8 when his mother gave him a violin. At school he also learned trumpet, piano guitar and drums. He wrote his first song at 20 and was always inspired by songwriters including George Gershwin. Later in life he taught himself the banjo and mandolin. He played and sang at school before taking a break from music as life and work commitment unfolded.

He returned to music after being inspired meeting Diane Warren in 2009. In 2015 his other work eased off and he started actively pursuing song writing and wrote 60 songs and did 60 demo tapes.

In late 2016 he restarted playing live the songs he had written playing numerous open mics developing the songs and his live music craft since then he has played more that 300 shows in venues and festivals in Perth, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

In February 2017 Gav teamed up with talented Perth Producer Charlie Young and they embarked with the best talented musicians in Perth to produce 35 tracks. Charlie Young was a producer at the world famous Crank Studio’s and who’s credits include Justin Beiber, Kelly Clarkson and Greenday.

41 videos have been recorded and released to youtube and facebook to date. 3.3 million views of the videos have been seen to date.

Future Plans

Write the best songs I can utilising the best musicians and producers, approaching music with an experimental style with mixed genres and taking risks with different musical techniques to create interesting music and sharing it with the world.