Sound Circus

Sound Circus

SOUND CIRCUS is the debut album from Perth, Western Australian singer songwriter Gav Brown which was released in November 2018.

Reviews rolling in for Gav Brown’s “Sound Circus”!

“debut LP Sound Circus showcases its creator’s immense musicality, along with a host of other treats. It’s an album of absorbing warmth and welcome, which seems to radiate most of all from Brown’s cavernous and richly textured voice” 

- Gareth Hipwell Kix Country Network

“The songs featured on Sound Circus are whimsical and tranquil, which makes listening to the album is the ideal opportunity to kick back, relax, and admire a truly talented musician”

-Erika Echternach Alt Media

Gav Brown is absolutely amazing. I think he stole the show tonight with “Greatest Player.”

-Gerry Sorensen Echternach WAAY Radio

Gav certainly has his own distinctive style which holds the attention,  "Artist Dream" should prove popular beyond the country music fraternity. Rock fans will certainly pick up on it too. Mainstream listening for me. Certainly a hit debut song

-Tom Robinson, Kingstown Radio, UK

Really like the "Artist Dream" track and the video is good

Stuart Cameron, East Coast FM, UK

"Artist Dream" is Great Alternative country track

Andrew Wallace, Fraser Coast FM, Australia

"Artist Dream" is 10/10 - Great song

Rory Heath, Country Barnyard Radio, UK

"Artist Dream" is very good

Ricky Lee, WCR Radio, UK

Over 2.3 million video views!

• All tracks off the Sound Circus album have Australian radio airplay with strong radio rotation in America and Europe.

The Sound Circus Album was in the Play MPE  Weekly Charts Top 20 for down loads and streams to radio for 12 weeks!

Adult Contemporary Downloads (January 20th 2019) No. 1, (January 27th 2019) No. 1, (3rd February 2019) No. 4, (10 February 2019) No. 3, (17 February 2019) No. 5, (24 February 2019) No. 11, (3 March 2019) No. 18(8 March 2019) No. 19, (17 March 2019) No. 5, (24 March 2019) No. 6.

Adult Contemporary Streams (January 20th 2019) No. 1, (January 27th 2019) No. 1, (3rd February 2019) No. 6, (10 February) No.3(17 February 2019) No. 6, (24 February 2019) No. 13, (3 March 2019) No. 12, (8 March 2019) No. 19, (17 March 2019) No. 5, (24 March 2019) No.12, (31 March 2019) No. 19, (7 April 2019) No.18.

Rock Streams (20 January 2019) No. 3, (27 January 2019) No. 7, (10 February) No.6, (17 February 2019) No.19, (17 March 2019) No. 13.

Rock Downloads (20 January 2019) No. 4, (27 January 2019) No. 7, (3 February) No. 20, (10 February)  No. 12, (17 February 2019) No.16,(17 March 2019) No. 18.

Triple A Streams (18 January 2019) No. 13,  (25 January 2019) No. 1, (15 February 2019) No. 17.

Triple A  Downloads (18 January 2019) No. 13,  (25 January 25 2019) No. 4.

Australian Downloads (25 January 2019) No. 1.

Australian Streams (25 January 2019) No. 1, (15 February 2019) No. 5, (22 March 2019) No.14.

Peter Pan entered the Tasmanian Country Charts on 5/1/2019 at 33, up to 31 on 12/1/2019, 23 on 19/1/2019, 15 on 26/1/2019, 15 on 2/2/2019, 27  on 8/2/2019, and  36 on 16/2/2019.

Artist Dream track from the Sound Circus album entered Hotdisc tv Top 20 Charts on 5/5/2019 at number 20.

Sound Circus has been a labour of love produced by Charlie Young from Crank Recordings in Perth who's credits include Justin Beiber, Macklmore and Kelly Clarkson. He said he was pleased and proud of the album produced.

Musicians on the album include multi Grammy award winner, Lucky Oceans, award winning Jazz Guitarist and composer Kristian Borring, WAM Bassist of the Year Roy Martinez, Ian Simpson who has played with Paul Kelly, Keith Urban and Slim Dusty, Gen Wilkins who has played with Lionel Richie, Ashley Reeve who has played with Cher, Adam Lambert, Ceeloo Green, Filter. Chris Reeve who plays with Filter.

Grammy award winning and U2 producer Steve Lillywhite listened to a song by Gav Brown and said " I listened to the song, played it twice and it made me smile"

This encapsulates Gav Brown's music and the Sound Circus Album weaving a multi layered masterpiece of musical styles, instrumentation songs and captivating stories into a musical delight.

Regularly compared to The Pogues and Tom Waits, and inspired by his childhood heroes; George Gershwin, James Taylor and Bruce Springsteen, Brown’s use of guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano and cigar-box in his writing process create a rare and compelling musical palette. Combine this with his engaging and gravelly vocals, heart-felt honesty and addictively catchy melodies, and you can see why he’s mesmerising audiences across the country.


This enormous power ballad is about finding the inspiration to become songwriter. With a guitar solo from Borring that would make Jimmy Page proud, and featuring double Grammy award winner Lucky Oceans on lap steel, Artist’s Dream has all the makings of a classic. produced by Charlie Young at Crank Recordings in WA.


 Gav Brown’s captivating  Send in the Clowns song has a Celtic pop feel with l frenetic 6/8 timing and driving mandolin.  Featuring guitar virtuoso Kristian Borring and produced by Charlie Young at Crank Recordings in WA. The song is about how exhilarating it can be to date someone who’s life is like a circus. 


This mystical song features another brilliant acoustic guitar solo by Kristian Borring. Written about the concept of powerful forces that sometimes push us to doing things in accordance with our values to create good in the world. It is a powerful ballad.


Gav Brown had the inspiration of Peter Pan sprinkling pixie dust to make life right for all, with numerous great instrumentation including a strong guitar solo by Kristian Borring. The bells in the piece came off a ships bell from the 1900's.  Charlie young does a great job of producing and playing the keyboard parts.


The twists in love and love lost and of relationships that are near and yet so far. A catchy tune which leaves you smiling.  A medium paced love song.


Gav Brown a former rugby coach came up with this song as part of his motivational speech's to his young players to get them to prepare for big matches. It developed into a fast paced song with amazing guitar solo from Kristian Borring. The Song starts in silence with solo's to Mark Underwood on trumpet and Ric Eastman on drums to set the scene in a big stadium awaiting the big match.


Gav was inspired by a friend who has been married to her husband for a number of years and there love and devotion to each other to this day. A beautifully crafted song of love.


Last dance was inspired by a charity event which was attended by a creative director trying to come up with a Guinness beer commercial. It was a coal mining community coming together to raise money for mine workers who had lost there jobs after a mine closure. Kristian Borring completes the song with a driving guitar solo and is a pleasure.


This song was inspired when watching a wedding and the joy of being together with the one you love.


A very tranquil piece of music to finish the album featuring a great Lucky Oceans lap steel solo. Is a song of children leaving home and the joys of watching them take there first steps.

A lot of love has gone into this album and I would like to thank all involved. We wish to impart this love to all that get to listen to the songs and come to shows. 

Best Wishes

Gav Brown