Road Less Travelled

Road Less Travelled

Road Less Travelled is the second album from Perth, Western Australian singer songwriter Gav Brown which was released in July 2019.

This follows the successful release of the Sound Circus Album in 2019.

  • Over 2.3 million video views for Gav Brown music to date.
  • Video views of videos from Road Less Travelled 760k with most views coming from Australia, Canada, England and Malaysia.
  • Reviews have started to come in

"It’s awesome stuff. I began to play the album on Thursday and will continue to promote.

"There are some amazingly technically perfect songs like “Nashville” and “Railroad Track.” I chose, however, “I’m in the Mood for Love” to lead off with as it has the same underlying audiological draw for me as “Greatest Player.”
Looking back- there is not a song left we don’t play off the first album, but “Player” still rocks the house, and draws the most requests, closely follow by a couple of other cuts.
You sound more relaxed and certain of your incredible talent on this latest work. Having said that- the same characteristic vocals and same smoking hot lead and sax are working their magic here, just as on the first release.
From a strictly radio standpoint- give me 50 albums a month like this and I’ll be quite satisfied, indeed."

-Gerry Sorensen WAAY Radio (Ohio, USA)

Road Less Travelled has been a labour of love produced by Charlie Young from Crank Recordings in Perth who's credits include Justin Beiber, Macklmore and Kelly Clarkson. He said he was pleased and proud of the album produced.

Musicians on the album include multi Grammy award winner, Lucky Oceans, award winning Jazz Guitarist and composer Kristian Borring, WAM Bassist of the Year Roy Martinez, Ian Simpson who has played with Paul Kelly, Keith Urban and Slim Dusty, Gen Wilkins who has played with Lionel Richie, Ashley Reeve who has played with Cher, Adam Lambert, Ceeloo Green, Filter. Chris Reeve who plays with Filter.

This encapsulates Gav Brown's music and the Road Less Travelled Album weaving a multi layered masterpiece of musical styles, instrumentation songs and captivating stories into a musical delight.

Regularly compared to The Pogues and Tom Waits, and inspired by his childhood heroes; George Gershwin, James Taylor and Bruce Springsteen, Brown’s use of guitar, mandolin, banjo, piano and cigar-box in his writing process create a rare and compelling musical palette. Combine this with his engaging and gravelly vocals, heart-felt honesty and addictively catchy melodies, and you can see why he’s mesmerising audiences across the country.

A lot of love has gone into this album and I would like to thank all involved. We wish to impart this love to all that get to listen to the songs and come to shows. 

Best Wishes

Gav Brown